Supplier Portal

Welcome to the Blue Bird Supplier Portal! Here you will find information on how to become a new supplier with Blue Bird, or, if you are a current supplier, see the useful tools we have in store for you. Please use the navigation tabs and links below to learn more!

It is Blue Bird’s objective to identify, qualify and engage Best-in-Class suppliers from their respective industries.Blue Bird’s selection is based on identifying the requirements of our business through the Voice of Internal and External Customers.The findings will result in a set of attributes and criteria that will be used to evaluate candidate and incumbent suppliers to ensure alignment between the most critical needs of our company and the core capabilities of our supply base.Ongoing engagement between Blue Bird and its suppliers includes near-term activities including assessments, part qualification, supplier scorecards, and regular supplier review meetings.Blue Bird also has numerous strategic initiatives including a preferred supplier program, formal supplier integration, and an ongoing supplier development program. Blue Bird is very active in managing risk throughout its supply chain through non-disclosure agreements, supply agreements, and bailment agreements where applicable.Financial health and continuity of supply is monitored via third-party reporting services and required updates directly from suppliers regarding financial performance and labor agreements.